Microseal for Thermo Scientific Injection Ports

Merlin Microseal for Thermo Scientific Users

Merlin offers an adapter kit for the Thermo Trace 1300 series GCs. The Microseal fits directly in the inlet of the Trace 1300 series (with “Instant Connect” injectors) and requires only a Merlin Microseal nut. No additional adapter is required and all Merlin Microseals are compatible. Merlin now offers PN 81-12, the Thermo Trace 1300 Starter kit, which includes the Microseal nut and two General Purpose Microseals. Please contact a Merlin Authorized Distributor or email for purchasing information.

Alternatively, Thermo Scientific Company has created adapters which are available directly from a Thermo Scientific authorized distributor.  For the Trace 1300 series GCs, the adapter kit is Thermo P/N 19050735, which includes a nut and one Microseal. For other Thermo GC models including the Trace Ultra GCs, Thermo P/N 19050205 contains the parts necessary to adapt either PTV or SSL inlets for the Microseal. If you are using an autosampler with these GCs, you may also need an additional adapter kit, Thermo P/N 19050225. All Merlin Microseals are compatible with these Thermo adapters and replacement Microseals can be purchased from any Merlin Authorized Distributor.  To purchase a Thermo Scientific adapter please contact your Thermo Scientific authorized distributor directly or email us at for more information.

For further information on the Microseal see the Merlin Microseal main page.

To choose the correct Microseal for your applications see the Choosing the Correct Microseal page.

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