Microseal for Thermo Scientific Injection Ports

Merlin Microseal for Thermo Scientific Users

The Merlin Microseal can be used with Thermo Trace 1300 series GCs and Thermo Trace Ultra GCs.

Thermo Trace 1300 series GCs: The Microseal fits directly in the inlet of the Trace 1300 series (with “Instant Connect” injectors) and requires only a Merlin Microseal nut (septum cap). Merlin P/N 81-12, the Thermo Trace 1300 Starter kit, includes the Microseal nut and two General Purpose Microseals.

Thermo Trace Ultra GCs: An adapter kit, Merlin P/N 85-10, is required to use the Microseal with Trace Ultra inlets. Note that Microseals are sold separately, none are included in this adapter kit.

Please contact a Merlin Authorized Distributor or email for purchasing information.

For further information on the Microseal see the Merlin Microseal main page.

To choose the correct Microseal for your applications see the Choosing the Correct Microseal page.

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