Microseal for PerkinElmer Injection Ports

Microseal PE AdapterThe Microseal adapter for the PerkinElmer injection ports mounts directly to the port. The Microseal nut has the correct autosampler alignment detail.   

Recommendations for Use: 
  • Tighten the adapter finger tight to compress the O-ring seal.
  • Tighten the Microseal nut finger tight. Do not overtighten.
  • Injection port temperature range: 50- 400 C.
  • Requires a blunt, cone tip, 23 gauge syringe or 23 gauge SPME probes.
  • Microseal #410 is recommended for most applications (3 – 100 psi).
  • Use Microseal #310 for lower injection port pressures (1 – 45 psi).
  • Use Microseal # 21-01 Microseal for SPME.

*Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price