Microseal for Shimadzu Injection Ports

Shimadzu Microseal Adapter

The Microseal adapter kit for Shimadzu GC injection ports provides a convenient way for Shimadzu Models GC-2010, GC-2025 and GC-2030 to use a Microseal.  The Microseal adapter works with the AOC-20 series and AOC-5000 autoinjectors or manual injection.

Recommendations for Use:
  • Compatible with Shimadzu models GC-2010, GC-2025, GC-2030.
  • Not compatible with Shimadzu models GC-17 or earlier.
  • Compatible with Split/Splitless (S/S) and S/S Plus inlet systems.
  • Compatible with PTV/OCI inlet system in PTV mode only.
  • Injection port temperature range: 50- 450 C.
  • Requires a blunt, cone tip, 23 gauge syringe or 23 gauge SPME probes.
  • Microseal #410 is recommended for most applications (3 – 100 psi).
  • Use Microseal #310 for lower injection port pressures (1 – 45 psi).
  • Use Microseal # 21-01 Microseal for SPME.

Instruction Manual for Shimadzu Adapter Kit

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