Microseal for SPME Arrow probes

Now available!

The PAL SPME Arrow probes are large diameter SPME probes with a rugged construction that ensures longer life than traditional SPME probes. The larger diameter of these probes does require the GC inlet to be modified but allows for faster analysis and better sensitivity. The Merlin Microseal for PAL Arrow SPME probes reduces the insertion force for injections and is an excellent long-life alternative to traditional inlet septa. The Arrow Microseal is available for most instruments and both Arrow sizes (1.1 mm and 1.5 mm).

Note that all GCs require inlet modification and an adapter or nut specifically for Arrow Microseals. Arrow Microseals are not compatible with our traditional 23 ga adapter kits.

Arrow Microseals:

P/N 1100 – Microseal for 1.1 mm SPME Arrow Probes

P/N 1500 – Microseal for 1.5 mm SPME Arrow Probes

Arrow Microseal Adapters/Nuts:

The adapter kits listed below contain the hardware necessary for using a Microseal with SPME Arrow. Arrow Microseals sold separately.

Arrow adapter kits