Microseal for Agilent Injection Ports

Microseal Agilent AdapterThe Microseal fits directly onto the septum cup of the Agilent Split/Splitless injection port. It requires a Microseal nut.  

Recommendations for Use:
  • Merlin Microseal is compatible with all Agilent autosamplers & Split/Splitless ports.
  • Tighten the Microseal nut finger tight only. Do not overtighten.
  • Injection port temperature range: 50- 400 C.
  • Requires a blunt, cone tip, 23 gauge syringe or 23 gauge SPME probes.
  • Microseal #410 is recommended for most applications (3 – 100 psi).
  • Use Microseal #310 for lower injection port pressures (1 – 45 psi).
  • Use Microseal # 21-01 Microseal for SPME.


*Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price