P/N 610 – Merlin Microseal, 26 ga.

New! Merlin Microseal™ for 26 ga. or 23/26 ga. tapered needles.

Now enjoy the benefits of the Merlin Microseal™ with an expanded selection of syringes.

The new 26 ga. Microseal, P/N 610, offers users the following benefits:

  • Accommodates 26 ga. cone-tipped and 23-26 ga. tapered cone-tipped syringes
  • Allows for true fast injection with 26 ga. needles
  • Allows for on-column injections with the Microseal
  • All the benefits of the Merlin Microseal including thousands of injections, reduced instrument downtime, elimination of septum coring or crumbling, reduced septum bleed and ghost peaks, and low insertion force for manual injections.

For a selection of compatible syringes, refer to this list. If you have any questions about syringe compatibility, please contact our technical support.

See How the Microseal Works for general information.

Product Details:

P/N 610: Merlin Microseal™ for 26 ga (0.48 mm, 0.019″) or 23/26 ga. tapered cone tip needles
Requires Microseal Nut.

1. Prepare instrument for septum change.
2. Remove existing Microseal septum.
3. Press new Microseal septum in place.
4. Tighten Microseal nut finger-tight. Do not over-tighten.

Inlet Pressures: 5 – 100 psi (20 – 690 kPa)
Inlet Temperatures: 50 – 400 °C


More information coming soon.